LOGIPACK is an innovation-driven company for comprehensive packaging solutions relating to handling liquid and ultra-viscous fluid products. We provide not only game-changing products but also sustainable BAG-IN-BOX IBC pooling services and integrated logistics services. In our core business, the pooling of reusable containers, we combine best practices over decades and impactful products with digital technology and offer customers tailor-made supply chain packaging solutions.

What sets us apart?

In every aspect of your business, you expect quality, reliability and high cost-effectiveness in product and service delivery. We deserve your trust.
When you choose LOGIPACK for your supply chain packaging solutions you get access to:

IBC Portfolios

To transport, store and protect your products in the most cost-effective and sustainable way, we have a broad portfolio of liquid-specific IBC products, including:

  • Flutainer UNI: Ultimate solution for high viscosity products, disposable use.

  • Flutainer MULTI: Ultimate solution for high viscosity products,returnable use.

  • SolidRock Container: World's first UN-certified Plastic Folding IBC,qualified to transport and store liquid DG goods.

Network Advantage

Join the LOGIPACK network combined with the most extensive customer network and IBC service center offering in China to empower your supply chain and provide you with packaging solutions suitable for different application scenarios anytime, anywhere. Helping you lower your supply chain costs.

Cloud Service

  • 24 / 7 access to myLOGIPACK Cloud Service

  • Easy access to manage your account and check balance

  • Keep up to date by viewing your IBC location distribution, time usage status, and reports

  • Alarm in time for abnormal IBC usage situations

Customer Service and Support Team

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is available to help with inquiries, and support, 7*24 on customerservice@logipack360.com

Best practice and Cross-industry knowledge

You can benefit from our unique insights from over 15 years of experience enabling sustainable supply chains. Together with LogiPack, see how we’ve improved and learned from best practice supply chains across the industries.

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