The alternative to Steel Drum and Bins: Flexible IBCs

Flutainer™ IBCs can be used to replace open-top steel drums and tote tanks. It delivers significant cost benefits, and also reduces residual waste. Meanwhile, the use of 1000L Flutainer™ IBC can effectively improve maintenance efficiency and reduce the risk of lubricant contamination.

Less Grease Waste

The liner bag used with the Flutainer™ can withstand high stretch and squeeze forces, so it empties much more efficiently. With the Discharge-Roller we provide, only about 1% of the grease remains in the bag. Make full use of each drop of product you buy while reducing waste.

According to test experience (NLGI 3 Grease)
  • Residue using Flutainer™ IBC: 7-10 kg/KL, reduced by 65%-86%

  • Residue using 200L Steel Drums: 20-50 kg/KL

Less Grease

Reduce downtime for

We know that clean grease ensures well-functioning machinery and lower downtime and malfunctions costs. Therefore, the Flutainer™ IBC is compatible with sealed filling and discharging. As a result, no air enters during the whole process, effectively preventing the grease from being contaminated by particles or moisture. Ensuring that every drop of your product is as clean as ever.

Higher Supply Chain Efficiency

One Flutainer™ IBC is equal to Five open steel barrels and is integrated with a pallet, which means you will:
  • Procurement:No need to purchase additional pallets

  • Warehouse:Reduce space usage

  • Logistics:Increase truck loads and reduce transportation costs

  • Forklifts:Reduce truck loading and unloading time and labor costs

  • Workshop:Reduce packaging operation time and increase production efficiency

As safe as steel barrels,
maybe better

The flexible Liner-Bag and Transport-Bag used in Flutainer™ IBC can absorb impact very well, and the unique composite fabric used in the Transport-Bag is very tear-resistant. Through our tests, you can find that the Flutainer™ IBC can withstand a drop from a height of 0.8 meters with a full load (in compliance with the Safety Standard for IBCs, GB/19161), and can also withstand the direct impact of a normally moving forklift.


Will the Flutainer UNI be strong enough to be used under severe conditions?

The Flutainer UNI is the most robust flexible container on the market. It can take a direct hit by a forklift without puncturing, and withstand the 0.8-meter drop specified in the packaging safety standard without leaking. Click here to view our test videos.

Can the Flutainer UNI be stacked?

The Flutainer UNI can be triple stacked in a warehouse.

What should I do with the used container?

The plastic pallet can continue to be serviced in-house at your facility or sold to recyclers. The Lite version of the Transport-Bag is made from a single material, polypropylene, that can be sold to resource recyclers for granule recycling. The only waste is the inner bag weighing about 4-5kg plus the product residue inside, and this discarded bag usually needs to be incinerated by a hazardous waste disposal company.

Do I need a Discharge Roller to empty the Flutainer UNI?

If you need to drain the grease, you generally need a Discharge Roller.

What are the requirements for using a Discharge Roller?

The Discharge Roller is driven by compressed air. Minimum air pressure 6.5 bar, flow 150 l/min.

Should I choose bottom fill or top fill?

For grease, the best way is to fill it from the bottom. In this way, you can fill without contact with air, thus eliminating the risk of product contamination.

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